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10 Gay Websites To Love & 10 To Leave

10 Gay Websites To Love & 10 To Leave

Wondering which gay websites are worth it? This coming out coach and expert has the scoop.

I’m in a sassy mood. Maybe it’s all these gay websites I’ve been putting under a microscope that’ve got me all worked up. Or maybe it’s the anticipation that I’m going to be virtually boo’d, hissed, and fierce-snapped at because I didn’t include some sistah’s favorite “get ya rocks off” gay website in my review, or because some leather chaps-wearing muscle daddy’s favorite BDSM website on my “leave it” list.

Well, get over it boyfriends and man up! These gay websites, in my opinion, are some of the best and worst. Feel free to leave your own lists in the comments section and, hey, if you really want to reprimand me, we can discuss it. (So long as there are leather chaps involved).

Wait, one more thing. HuffPost Gay Voices, Advocate, Out Traveler, and Gay, and all the Tutki linkkiГ¤ wonderful Advocacy sites HRC, GLSEN, Trevor Project, Family Equality Council, Lambda Legal, NOH8 Campaign, National Gay And Lesbian Task Force, PFLAG, and Gay Straight Alliance were eliminated from the best gay websites competition because they’re just automatically fabulous. and we all know it!

Let’s start with my 10 Gay Websites to love:In the spirit of fairness, these are in no particular order. So don’t get your jock straps in a bunch, ‘kay?

Out Sports. Delicious and worth the visit even if you’re not a sports fan. Covering – and revealing – everything and everyone who’s out in the sports world, this site has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in sports or simply have voyeuristic fantasies about being a pommel horse for the US Gymnastic team, it’s a gay websites that will continue to grow as more athletes come out of the closet.

Queerty. Finding the gay websites that deliver the most “value” can be a daunting task. However, Queerty is touted as one of the best gay websites on the net, if for no other reason than its tagline: Free of agenda. Except the gay one. True to their word, it’s all about gay.

10 Gay Websites To Love & 10 To Leave

Gay Weddings. No list of top gay websites would be complete without giving a nod to one that provides ideas for how to “pop the question,” to “where to take your clothes off after you say ‘I do.'” While many gay websites and mainstream sites attempt to be a wedding planner’s dream companion, no one does it better than the first and oldest same-sex wedding planning site. Now, who wants to get married?

One Good Love. One of the newest gay websites to vie for position and attract those “looking for love” is West Hollywood-based OneGoodLove. While not a matchmaking service in the traditional sense, they’re quickly becoming one of the top gay websites to go to for relationship-focused gay guys.

Out. What was once the go-to print publication for everything gay, Here Media has done a fabulous job of transitioning the bulk of their fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and nightlife, news and opinions content into a thriving online presence that is just one of the media empire’s gay websites. Still in print, Out is has not yet succumbed to pressure to become purely an online presence, but for this reviewer, they get five sassy snaps for being one the best gay websites on the net!

Man Hunt, Adam4Adam, Big Muscle. my fingers will break before I can complete the list of hookup sites. (Note to self, next review needs to be “Best Gay Websites For Hooking Up”)! My sources tell me these are the best sites for those looking to get your freak on. As a happily partnered gay man, I’m not a user of these sites. Of course, there was a site I used to frequent: PlanetOut. It’s the reason I’m in a great relationship. Gay websites rock for hooking-up, being evasive, displaying pictures where size matters (even if it’s not your real size), and for making good use of “selfies” that are 10 years old! In other words? Use with caution.

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