About us

If you’re on the hunt for the latest news and views in pop culture, fashion, health, and politics, you’ve come to the right place.  Here, we pride ourselves on our ability to enhance the lives of others with reliable, quality information that can help you to live your best life.  This is a warm, friendly community where everyone is accepted.

I launched this blog after a near-death experience transformed my outlook on life.  I realized that we can’t get yesterday back and we’re never really guaranteed tomorrow.  So, the best way to live is by being present in the now.  I am obsessed with information sharing, seeing it as a powerful tool for change.  I founded Hispzpia to create a channel for doing exactly that.

The way we process and value the information we learn drives trends.  And trends are what drive societal behavior.  It is my hope that Hispzpia will keep you updated on shifting and emerging developments, while also providing a platform for your respectful input on what’s happening in the world.  You never know how your comment can affect others and inspire change.  That’s the magic of the blogosphere!  And we’re happy to have you in ours.

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