FASHION Guide to select the perfect glasses

Guide to select the perfect glasses

Many people believe that they can go as they please while selecting spectacles for themselves. They’re not wrong, as long as you know how to ace the look you wouldn’t have a problem. However, if you want to know which frame type will suit your face cuts, here is the perfect guide:

Know your face type

The first step towards finding the perfect glasses for your face is knowing your face type. There are mainly 5 basic face structures: Square, Round, Heart, Triangular, and Oval.

Square face type

The square face type has angular cheekbones and jawline. Their jaw, cheekbones, and forehead are about the same size. If you think that you have a square face you should know that your face is angular and you should choose a frame shape that has softer curves.

A round or oval frame would go well with your facial features. While you’re choosing a frame consider your skin tone as well. Know that you can never go wrong with a black frame.

Round face type

A round face is not angular. The forehead and jaw are about the same size however the cheekbones are slightly wider than the forehead and jaw. Since your features lack angles you can add some by choosing an angular and squarish frame. Rectangular and wayfarer shapes will suit your face shape.

Heart face type

Just like the shape of a heart, such a face is wide at the forehead, and the width keeps decreasing gradually till their chin. While you are choosing your glasses, you should go for the wayfarer shape with slightly angular edges. Any modified wayfarer will suit your facial features. If you want to follow trends you should try clear frame.

Triangular face type

The triangular face shape is widest at the jaws and the width decreases at the forehead. Such people should wear spectacles that have a wide frame at the top side. D-frames, aviators, and cate eye frames would complement their face type. Cat-eye frames never go out of style as they combine the nerdy-smart look with the stylish-chic look.

Oval face type

The oval face type is long and has the perfect oval shape which means that your forehead and jaw would have the same width with wider cheekbones. The oval face type is perfect for angular frames. If you have an oval-shaped face, a square or rectangular frame will end your search for the perfect glasses for you.      

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