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Different Sports Around the World

People affiliate sports with keeping the body fit, increased stamina and brain activity, etc. Extraordinary athletes mesmerize the spectators with their skills and talents all around the world. 

Depending on the geographical location, many countries have different national sports and international sports as well. Here are some of the widely known sports played worldwide. 


Also known as soccer in the USA and Canada, football stands as the world’s most popular sports with 4 billion fans. The sport gained fame in the 19th century in England. There’s a reason for the sport’s fame. 

It’s because unlike other sports, football requires no expensive equipment. All you need are your cleats and feet to play with the ball. It doesn’t matter if you have nothing in your pocket, anyone can enjoy this sport. It’s the most played sport in Africa, Europe, Central and South America. 


ICC (International Cricket Council) determined that there are 2.5 billion above cricket fans and lovers worldwide. This famous sport is played by over 125 countries. Mostly India, Pakistan, the UK, and other British colonies play cricket. 

Cricket includes a circular pitch of 70 to 100 meters wide and long. Two teams play against one another, each with 11 members. Unlike baseball, cricket has a different scoring system.


With a whopping 2 billion fans and die-hard lovers, Hockey is another famous sport. Hockey has two categories: ice hockey and field hockey. The USA, Canada, and Northern Europe play ice hockey. In contrast, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia play the famous field hockey. 

Although field and ice hockey have somewhat different rules, the two teams involved have to put the ball or puck in the opposing team’s net. Both the games look similar except for the body contact aspect (known as checking) included in ice hockey. 


One billion people around the world follow tennis. Unlike other sports, tennis involves only two players, playing against each other on the opposite side of an elongated net. Both players try to hit the ball with a racket in hope of the opponent missing the shot to score points. Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and famous players like Roger Federer have the biggest name in this sport. 

Sports will always have a huge impact on people’s life, especially athletes. While most people play it for fun and healthy competition, others (athletes) play it as a full-time profession. 

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