Politics Reviewing 2020- Everything that Happened

Reviewing 2020- Everything that Happened


No one had thought they would survive 2020 with the onslaught of problems that came one after the other. However, there were some hints, including racism and black men and women’s killings by white police officers. Hurricanes producing mass destruction worldwide, wildfires endangering animals, and the volatile climate that didn’t cease to destroy the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Being under the government of an unconventional President, which half the country wanted to change. And the worst of all, the COVID-19 pandemic originating from Wuhan, China, wreaking havoc everywhere. Here’s a list of a few significant incidents that took place in 2020:

1. COVID-19 Pandemic

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 outbreak was the worst of all incidents of 2020. We lost countless lives worldwide. The world was on constant lockdown for months to limit the deadly spread of Coronavirus. 

From people considering COVID-19 to be a mere flu to losing them due to COVID-19 infection, some people followed all the necessary protocols to stay safe, while the others only laughed at it. 

People didn’t stop being in crowds. Whether it was a party or shopping spree at any local store, people never seemed to care about their health. Although 2020 is now over, the threat of COVID-19 has followed, too. 

The latest wave of COVID-19 is said to be 70% more infectious than the first two waves. So, if you feel you’re facing COVID-19 symptoms, get tested, and isolate yourself. 

2. Black Lives Matter Movement

After George Floyd being killed at the hands of white police officers, the U.S public finally decided to raise their voice against the continuous, systematic racism and killings of black people. 

Rallies and protests were seen for months on U.S soil, demanding justice for the lives lost due to racism. Although they didn’t receive the appropriate justice, the discrimination was being acknowledged by firing the officers and charging them, which is a step towards success. 

With the advent of a new democratic party and President Joe Biden, people hope to get a safer and much better America as they all had dreamt about. If you want to learn more about politics and government, read it here: Political Ideology: Crash Course Government and Politics #35

3. Donald Trump

Although the former U.S President Donald Trump had kept the USA at the top of other countries in terms of trade, currency, and power, we can’t forget that he closed the refugees’ and sent every available refugee into isolation. 

With Trump in charge, we also witnessed walls being raised between America and Mexico as they were considered “invaders”. Then there was the Muslim ban, restricting people based on ethnicities and calling them terrorists based on clothing, name, and beard. 

This all happened under Trump’s rule. Review all the political stories of 2020 to get a better look at the previous year. 

Though the year came with drastic downfalls, people never lost hope of the will to try to change their surroundings amidst everything. That is what matters the most. 

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