DESIGN,FASHION Everything You Need to Know About this Ultimate Style Statement

Everything You Need to Know About this Ultimate Style Statement

Gucci Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses, especially for men, are one of the most used fashion accessories, and they do also have a utility. They do not only save your eyes from the harsh sunlight but also make a statement about the fashion sense of the person wearing them. No account of fashion accessories can be complete without Gucci being a part of it, and as a matter of fact, Gucci sunglasses for men are one of the top options in this category that men can avail. Gucci is known all over the world as a producer of innovative fashion items that stand out in design and ergonomics and are crafted from the finest materials.

The design part of any sunglasses depends mainly on its structure. Different frames are designed to suit the faces of different people, and every occasion and apparel requires a unique frame design of sunglasses. Gucci offers a range of thousands of various sunglasses frame designs for men. These frames can be divided in two ways. You can divide them depending on the type of material used in their construction, or you can classify them according to their design.

Sunglasses Frame Materials

Gucci sunglasses for men are made of a number of different materials. They are available in lightweight plastic and composite material frames or in metallic frames that weigh more but are sturdy and durable. Here are some of the properties of plastic and metallic frames

  1. Plastic Frames
  2. Plastic frames are light in weight and easy to wear.
  3. They are usually not very long-lasting and can easily break.
  4. They typically cost lesser than the metallic frames.
  5. Metallic Frames
  6. Metallic sunglasses frames are strong and durable.
  7. They are generally heavier and cause strain when worn for extended periods of time.
  8. Titanium and aluminum alloy frames can be lighter like plastic and stronger than steel or aluminum, but they cost more.

Types of Sunglasses Design

Sunglasses come in countless designs. There are ones that are rectangular in shape, oval, or round. The choice of the frame design depends on your own preferences and the type of use you intended. It is generally a mix of the material, color, design, and type of lens in the glasses that make the whole package, impression, and presence of the sunglasses.

Which Frame is the best for you?

The choice of a frame for sunglasses depends mainly on the nature of your use. If you are going to put your sunglasses to harsh use and you tend to care a little about things, you need to get a metallic frame that can cope up with rough use and careless handling. However, if you have to wear the glasses for extended periods of time, in the end, you need to get lighter frames, the ones made of plastic. If you want to have sunglasses that are resilient yet lightweight, titanium frames are the best option for you, but they do have a steep price due to titanium being costly. 

  • Gucci Sunglasses Lenses

As we all know, the functional part of Sunglasses is their lens. Gucci sunglasses for men are available with the following lens options.

  1. Tinted Lens

Tinted lenses are the ones made of glass that has been painted to reduce the amount of light passing through it. These are the cheapest lenses, and they only dim the light, and it can still cause glare in your eyes.

  • Polarizing Lens

Polarizing lenses change the phase of the light passing through them. They do not only dim the intensity of the light passing through them but do also help decrease its glare and make it comfortable for you to look in very bright conditions like snow and bright sunlight.

  • Light Sensitive Lens

These are the costliest sunglasses lenses, but they do make up for the extra money they cost. These lenses have a chemical in them that is sensitive to light. When light shines on this type of lens, they turn dark and decrease the intensity of light passing through it. In the dark, these lenses become totally transparent, and you can see clearly.

Which Sunglasses Lens is the Best for You?

It depends on the nature of use you are going to put the glasses to and the amount of money you want to put the glasses to. In a perfect world, light-sensitive lenses would be the best option, but they cost too much and come with their own limitations. The choice of the correct lens changes on a case-to-case basis.

The Bottom Line  

Gucci sunglasses are available in a wide range of designs and lens options. Gucci is one of the leading manufacturers of sunglasses, and you can get the one that suits your budget and the nature of use you are going to put it to. A titanium frame light-sensitive sunglasses option is the perfect proposition, but the cost is a limiting factor.

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