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Roxane Hara


While working as a beauty consultant in Charlotte, North Carolina, Roxane Hara spent a lot of time talking to her clients and learning about their experiences and their life. Over time, she began to notice that their stories often had common themes that included being victims of domestic abuse.

To help them work through these issues, Roxane began hosting small groups (charlas) for women who hungered for the opportunity to find their place in this country as well as in their own community. While at first she encountered many hardships, including attaining community buy-in to build a sense of family and trust amongst her mentees, Roxane was eventually able to establish “Mujeres Ayudando Mujeres” in 2012, an organization that would focus on providing these women with the economic and emotional tools they would need to become empowered and heal from the inside out.

Since its inception, “Mujeres Ayudando a Mujeres” has gone beyond providing community support groups to offering a variety of different professional development workshops that provide women with the opportunity to develop skills in the areas of finance, politics, business, health and more, all with the purpose of fostering their economic sustainability and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Recently, Roxane has ramped up her efforts to make the organization and its members more civically engaged, by forming strategic alliances with the Mayor’s office and the local chamber of commerce. These partnerships have helped open doors to additional resources such as providing 110 Latinos with scholarships for financial literacy certifications to improve their professional and entrepreneurial skills.

Most importantly, through this process, Roxane seeks to foster a sense of family, where instead of becoming competitive with each other as they grow, they learn to encourage each other through a mutual interest in each other's success. Roxane strongly believes in the power of uniting women with diverse passions and talents and although financially she has struggled to support some of her programs, her mindset is focused on investing time in women which to her, does not cost a thing.

Roxane’s passion and deep desire to serve her community wholeheartedly have driven her to financially support her endeavors without gaining any personal profit. Her vision for expanding her network of women is on a national scale. In the past year alone, the organization has hosted more than 500 women in North Carolina, with many other groups sprouting up across the country and as far as Colombia. It has become her life and purpose to help and inspire others to serve their communities and become part of the change.

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